Doing Comfort the French Way – The L’Auberge Provençale Inn, White Post, Virginia

Holidays in an unknown location is sure to be relaxing for those who love travel. Many resorts and inns around the world are solely dedicated towards the comfort of their guests, and the luxury that they provide for them as well. Each of these inns is designed to remind the guests of a particular place. In this case, the most luxurious inn available in America is known to give guests an idea of what the south of France is like. This inn is known for its chic and country style lodgings. With luxurious beds and four-course meals, these lodgings are known to be impeccable to many, and there is always a constant queue and fight over the stay in this location.

History of the Inn

L’Auberge Provençale Inn first began in 1980, but the inn was first known as Mount Airy and was once a large part of the Northern Virginia Holdings that were owned by Lord Fairfax. It remained in the Lord’s control until the point where the estate and the view around it caught the eye of a chef from Avignon and another chef from New Jersey. After buying the property, the establishment was refitted to the couple’s needs and was surrounded by orchards and gardens. After introducing the hotel to the public, the owners of the hotel found that they could offer two restaurants in one hotel. They were titled ‘La Table’ and ‘Le Bar.’ ‘La Table’ provided the guests of the hotel with a complex and sophisticated dining experience whereas, ‘Le Bar’ provided the guests with a more casual and more bistro-style meal and experience.

L’Auberge Provençale Inn

The sheer demand for this inn is so immense and magnificent that the owners had to make a second establishment that was located almost 3 miles away from the original location of the first inn. This second establishment was named Villa La Campagnette, where they offered a master bedroom and two other suites for guests to enjoy. Not only is this inn in high demand all over America, but it is also known to be outfitted with all the most luxurious amenities, which includes private bathrooms for all the rooms and original artworks accented with rustic antiques that add a sense of country into the inn.


Food and dinner in this location are known to be especially crucial in this establishment. Some have said that it comprises of a four-course meal that also features a Prix five menu, that is known to rival most of the country’s fine dining restaurants. Along with exemplary service and a super long and impressive wine list, this inn can effectively cater to any celebration plans that you may have in mind during your stay.

Most of the dishes included during meal times include an extensive list of food that you have always wished to try. An example of food available in this establishment is the homemade soups, crispy skin sea is served with a pan-roasted pork belly and garnished and accentuated with lemony white bean cassoulet to add to your dish.