Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast Inn, Yachats, OR

Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast was, at one time, the home of an assistant light keeper. The Inn is now, however, a treasured piece of history in the state, as well as a portal for guests wishing to tune out of 20th-century life, other than, of course, such modern creature comforts as Wi-Fi. There are no flat-screen TVs to be found here, though.

Rooms with a view

Each of the six rooms features antique furniture, local artwork, and hand-sewn quilts. Guests can choose to stay in a front-facing Mariner room, which offers Pacific Ocean views. Those who are fascinated by stories of haunted buildings can instead opt to stay in Victoria’s Room, which has provided a number of unexplained occurrences, such as unruly light switches and locks, as well as mischievous luggage handlings.

In the daytime, guests can explore the property’s grounds and gardens, take a short trail to the beach, or visit the lighthouse, which bears the same name as the Inn. In fair weather, there’s also an opportunity to relax in an Adirondack chair on the front porch where guests can feast their eyes on the sun as it sinks into the sea at the end of the day. Should a storm swirl outside, they can always make their way to the parlour for a piano recital, good conversation with other guests over wine, a game of Scrabble, or even a ghost story.

An antique lover’s paradise

Antique lovers would love to stay in any of the six rooms. Some feature traditional four-poster beds, which they can sink their bodies into after tidepool-hopping for much of the day. Others include a porcelain clawfoot tub, which is perfect after a hike. For those who prefer not to share a bathroom, Victoria’s Room and Mariners rooms include private baths. Alternatively, it’s a case of making their way across the hall in a terrycloth robe that the Inn provides. Mariners 1 and Mariners 11 offer more room for those guests with children.

Breakfast is one of Heceta’s strengths. Michelle Korgan, the Inn’s executive chef serves up a seven-course spread in the formal and elegant dining room, utilising produce and herbs from the garden. The on-site guest kitchen, which is fully equipped, enables visitors to make their own supper and snacks. Alternatively, Luna Sea Fish House is 20 minutes away where they can enjoy freshly-caught Dungeness crab.

The Lady in Grey

For any guest whose idea of the perfect stay is the company of a ghost, Victoria’s Room is believed to have some paranormal activity in the form of Rue, also referred to as the Lady in Grey. Her daughter’s accidental drowning in the area drove her to suicide, or so the story goes. She keeps an eye on the Inn, and both the locals and staff will tell you stories of her low-level hijinks.

After unpacking, it’s a good time to take the short walk to the lighthouse. The landmark, which stands 205ft above the surf, was built in 1894. While tours are only available throughout a part of the year, guests can enjoy a visit to the gift shop, along with a talk, after breakfast.