Skylonda Lodge, Woodside, CA

Skylonda Lounge possesses a history of offering a luxurious and utopian getaway in the Bay Area. The SFGate has even nicknamed it Shanghai-la in the Redwoods. The enchanted accommodation was also visited by celebrities including Robin Williams and Barbara Streisand in the 90’s to feast on the gourmet food, enjoy the breathtaking hiking trails, and receive massage therapy treatments. Skylonda Lodge was built in 1994 from river rock and Ponderosa logs by the Resort Design Group. It’s received global awards for environmental stewardship, hospitality, and design. In 2009, it was transformed into a spiritual sanctuary for personal growth, inspiration, and learning.

A temporary transformation

Joan Porter was responsible for the makeover when she turned Skylonda Lodge into Stillheart Institute after spending millions on renovation, which included a number of “tree-house” structures strategically placed in the tree canopy to improve the views while minimising effects on the forest. Sklonda Lodge made a return to its origins in 2018 as a place for all-inclusive getaways with an emphasis on relaxation, fitness, and nutrition. Roy Blatt, the current owner, gave the Lodge back its unique blend of outdoor and indoor activities, magnificent cuisine, and pampering spa services in a perpetual tranquil environment. Travel+Leisure has cited it as one of America’s 25 greatest lodges.

The private rooms are offered either as single or double in the main lodge and there are unique treehouses with redwood canopy all around. The main lodge features a cosy dining room, as well as a library, and several corners for relaxing and reading. The rooms are designed to provide a relaxing retreat.

Two programmes to choose from

Guests at Skylonda Lodge can choose from one of two programmes: either four days or seven days. The cost includes accommodation, organic food, and daily programming, which includes circuit training and guided hikes. The Skylonda Programme designs its nutrition element around a regenerative food plan that offers basic dietary advice like adding whole foods, avoiding those foods that provide negative energy, and maintaining stable blood sugar. Skylonda Lodge is situated a mere 20 minutes away from Silicon Valley and under 60 minutes from San Francisco. The structure was established to transform the guest’s body, as well as give them an uncreased sense of wellbeing, and improve their energy.

Exercise and wellbeing

The guests will take part in exercises designed to boost their metabolism, prevent decline associated with the ageing process, and achieve weight loss albeit in a healthy way. The Lodge’s fitness professionals keep the guests’ bodies in motion by way of Redwoods hikes, in addition to cross-training.

The woodland trails provide miles of hiking paths that take the guests through the glorious redwoods. With shallow root systems and enormous turns, the redwoods are the tallest things on the planet. Trails include areas perfect for silent reflection, meditation benches, bridges over La Honda Creek, and literally hundreds of wooden steps. This is also diverse wildlife, such as more than 100 different species of birds, rabbits, squirrels, and deer.