The Hidden Cedar Inn in Dahlonega, Georgia – A Serene Mountain B&B

If you are looking for a getaway in the hills, then the Cedar House Inn and Yurts is the place to head to. The drive and the award-winning location is perfect for a romantic getaway or even a family long trip. The homely environment is a welcome address to every patron who chooses to explore the mountains and enjoy typical home-style food.

The Drive, The Experience and The History

You should make sure you stay on the lookout for small signs that tell you the way to the Cedar Inn when you’re driving through the winding road when you’re near Dahlonega, Georgia. The Inn has been run by a married couple Mary-Beth and Fred Tanner ever since the Inn was opened in 2003. Mary-Beth grew up dreaming of starting up a historic inn of her own while she lived in New Jersey. Mary-Beth knew she couldn’t waste the chance of her dreams when she stumbled upon the house that would become Cedar House along with her husband, Fred.

Mary-Beth was a teacher by profession but knew that her passion lay elsewhere. Over time, she was soon frustrated with her teaching job, and she knew she couldn’t work in the line of work forever. Her husband, Fred, was working from home at the time. They decided to look for houses to build their very own home-away-from-home styled BnB. They saw that the house they stumbled upon was a mess, and the price of the property matched its terrible state. While it isn’t a dream location for a regular business owner, it was perfect for this married couple as they always loved fixing up stuff.

What Was Their Drive

The married couple believed and continue to believe in protecting the planet’s resources, so they aimed to build an eco-friendly bed and breakfast. They wanted others who they could share their lifestyle while staying true to their own beliefs. They were given inspiration by the house, which was designed to keep the temperature warm enough by absorbing the sun’s warmth. This was perfect for a mountainside Inn which managed to stay comfortably warm during the winter months.

Accommodation Options

In Cedar House Inn & Yurts, visitors have a couple of choices for their accommodations. Bed and breakfast have three rooms for guests inside the Inn. The three kinds of rooms are the Mountain Bluebird Room, the Chickadee Room, and the Cardinal Suite. In every non-smoking room, there is a private bathroom. Just a short walk away from the main building are two yurts. The two yurts have rustic-style decor, and each of them has a heater, a microwave and mini-fridge, a queen size bed, an electric fireplace for warmth, and a composting toilet. You will have access to a private bathhouse if you are staying in one of the yurts too.

How Are The People?

Every morning, the lovely owner makes a beautiful organic breakfast for all the occupants who live in the Inn.  When you’re at the breakfast table, the warmth and friendliness will make the trip all worth it. Meeting people of different races from a variety of places around the world is what Mary-Beth thinks is the Inn’s best character. She and her husband have had conversations with people that have nurtured their thoughts and improved their operations.

In and Around The Inn

People who visit will find a small city that has a variety of locations such as museums, restaurants, and shops. There are many local vineyards near the Inn where you can taste different wines and engage in tours. You can go tubing, kayaking, and hiking in various places nearby too. Overall, a fun-filled, fantastic experience awaits.