The Historical Pretty River Inn – Entwined with Nature

If you go to the Niagara Escarpment, you’ll find the Pretty River Inn. The region that the inn is located in is a significant one that the United Nations deems important enough to be preserved forever. The inn is hidden between the peaks of the beautiful Blue Mountains, so you’ll be able to experience much of the outdoors. A few examples of the things you could do around the inn include swimming in the world’s longest freshwater beach, Wasaga Beach, and hiking on the adventurous Bruce Trail. The inn’s surrounding area was known all around Canada because of the beautiful orchards of apple trees, but now it is starting to become well-known for the vineyards.

Historical Pretty River
Historical Pretty River

What Is The History Of The Area?

The aboriginal people who were the first settlers of the area many years ago were the Petun, but then over a hundred years ago, there were immigrants from Scotland that took control over the domain and claimed it as theirs. The language known as Gaelic was still being used relatively recent from as close as the ’50s. Early on, there were a large number of farms owned by the Scottish people, but the government bought them eventually. The farms are now part of the provincial park. Sometimes on where driveways used to be all those years ago, you might be able to spot lilac flower bushes from back then.

What Is The History Of The Inn?

You can find the inn in the middle of a field that extends for over a hundred acres, which used to reach over six hundred acres. There are stories about how they used to have horse races in the field, where the horses would race down a trail which you can see to this day if you were to go on a hike heading up the area. The old homestead, Home Farm, was built back in the year 1880 and it now is home to a boardroom and a place to exercise. The inn’s building was constructed back in the year 1977. The inn was built by an elderly couple who wanted to help others experience the area by offering bed and breakfast.

Who Is Behind The Inn?

The couple who started the inn up is Linda and Paul. They became the owners of the inn back in the year 2002 while they were getting into their retirements. They used to work in the information technology field, and they worked in Scotland and the UK for a couple of years. They thought that the location of the inn reminded them of Scotland, so they thought the area was perfect for them to spend their time renewing themselves. Three horses came from Iceland that Linda brought to the inn. The horses she brought to the inn help with giving guests a way to ride them around the property of the inn. Before guests get to ride the horses, they get to play and interact with them. They will be taught essential horsemanship skills that are essential before mounting a horse. The inn has a rich history, and it’s been called home to many people from around the world. The guests of the inn have been able to connect with nature as well as with other guests.