The Most Expensive Country Inns in South Carolina to Splurge

South Carolina, a state known for having the perfect mixture of history and culture. The state is also famous for its fantastic hospitality. From beaches to amazing barbeques, there’s so much for a visitor to experience in South Carolina. The city has every kind of staying experience to offer to its visitors. From modern hotels with ultra-modern facilities to small lodges in the countryside, a visitor has lots of choices to choose from. You should always come to South Carolina for at least a week to stay. Experience the laid-back beaches, and plantation reserves of the state to relax your mind. For your taste buds, very few places in America can challenge the barbeque trail of South Carolina. While experiencing all these exciting prospects, there must be an excellent place to stay for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most incredible and expensive country inns in South Carolina to spend a few days.

Country Inns
Country Inn

Bloomsbury Inn

The owners of this romantic inn are Katherine Brown, and her husband Bruce Brown, both of them are retired US Air Force officers. Their discipline, which comes from the Air Force training, has contributed a lot in making this country inn, what it is today. Located in the historic town of Camden, this inn has won many awards from prestigious organizations for its excellent services. When you wake in the morning after an unforgettable night sleep, you’re treated with one of the best breakfasts you’ll ever have. The dining room is cosy and beautiful; you can have locally grown tea and enjoy the experience to the fullest. There are many other options in the breakfast which you can order according to your taste. Many celebrities, including the queen of England, have visited this beautiful inn.

Woodlands Inn

Located in Charleston region, Woodlands Inn is one of the most expensive inns in South Carolina State. This inn is famous for making special occasions memorable. When you start your day in the luxurious breakfast room, you can’t help but keep looking around in this incredible place. There are many activities you can try once you’re done with breakfast. There’s a professional level tennis court in the inn. You can also jump into the pool to have some fun in the water. There is also a magnificent massage centre inside the inn, where you can relax and recharge yourself after a hectic day. In the night, you can have some local Charleston flavours in the impressive dining room.

Middleton Place

Middleton Place is famous for its beautiful gardens. The interior of this inn is more like a fantastic treehouse. Most of the inn is made up of wood, so you get a very rusty feel inside the inn. The dining room is one to explore, with incredible dinner choices on the menu. The menu has quintessential southern dishes for the visitors.  Oysters with special sauce and the sumptuous carb soup are the speciality of this place. After your dinner, don’t miss the unique wine.