The North Branch Inn in North Branch, NY

Just over two hours from New York City lies the North Branch Inn. The unlikely hotspot is situated in a small Western Catskills hamlet. Attracting both tourists and locals, they’re at their busiest at the weekends-  whether for food a drink, or even bowling at the Bar Room and Restaurant.

While the Inn was established all the way back in 1868, the building underwent a relatively recent remodelling and was created by married couple Kirsten and Sims Foster. After opening their very first hotel in 2014, The Arnold House, they opened the North Branch Inn the following year.

Delicious cuisine

In a one-restaurant town, there’s an emphasis placed on ensuring that visitors never go hungry. There are baked goodies awaiting guests in every single room, accompanied by a pair of glasses that can be filled with two complimentary local ciders at the bar.

Five guest rooms are situated above the Bar Room & Restaurant where guests can enjoy hyper-local, seasonal, fare-everything New York cuisine. Just a few short steps away from the open kitchen are two 1890s bowling alleys, where diners can engage in a round or two of hand-set bowling, either before or after dinner. The combination of the bowling alley, stunningly prepared food, and inventive drinks make this one of the finest dining spots in the entire region. Breakfast is equally impressive and is included.

Cozy living space

Each of the North Branch Inn’s buildings features a welcoming and cozy shared living space. One includes a wood stove, as well as books and magazines that are perfect to enjoy while lying by the fire on those cold winter days, or even cool summer nights. There are nine rooms, with each simply yet comfortably furnished and large windows enable plenty of natural light to shine through. The bathrooms also impress, with several of them featuring a claw foot tube, and each with Malin toiletries. The staff are super friendly and are always on hand to offer suggestions to guests wanting to know more about local attractions.

Nearby towns

There are no other businesses to be found on North Branch’s Main Street, but it’s certainly worth paying a visit to such nearby towns as Roscoe, Livingston Moor, Harrisburg, and Callicoon. The latter is the closest: a scenic river town with a multitude of antique and thrift stores that are all worth a stop. You might not want to miss lunch at the yummy Vietnamese Ba & Me.

Narrowsburg features some great shopping, such as the wonderfully aesthetic home and lifestyle boutique Nest, antique shop Maison Bergogne, situated in a car garage, and a meal or drinks at The Heron. The Apple Pond Farm tour is a popular attraction in Livingstone Manor. They teach visitors about off-grid living, renewable energy, and offer the chance to hold some adorable baby animals.

Then there’s the world’s fly-fishing capital known as Roscoe. Prohibition Distillery even has t-shirts with the words “drinking town with a fishing problem”. It’s also known for the amazing Northern Farmhouse Pasta and Roscoe Beer Company.