Urban Cowboy in Nashville, TN

After exactly 12 months of renovations and restorations of this late 1800s Victorian mansion, Urban Cowboy opened in the south, an extension of its counterpart in Brooklyn. The venue is situated in East Nashville, a neighbourhood that was, at one time, abysmally downtrodden. Now the bed and breakfast belongs to the coffee shops, boutiques, and artisan bites located in almost every single corner.

The stunning wooden walls scream character, with each of the eight rooms designed uniquely by. Lyon Porter, the venue’s owner. While the Victorian charm is kept intact, the design emphasizes an exploration into southern geometric patterns, with a refining touch from hues of bronze and copper.

Victorian centerpiece

Each room features a stunning Victorian tub, a centerpiece that provides a wonderful accompaniment to the private spa personalized to each guest. A seemingly never-ending array of art, furniture, and room accents partly comprise a collection of restored antique pieces. The front sitting rooms feature instruments for those inclined to perform and provide a finishing decorative touch to this southern staple, taking from the city’s musical culture. The business began as a passion project for Lyon Porter and co-owner Jersey Banks. Its artistic and wild spirit fast gained global attention. The venue attracted the creative class with its cultural ethos and on-the-point interiors.

Within just two short hours of Banks and Porter arriving in the city of Nashville, they’d come across the mansion. The eight suites and lone rustic cabin were accompanied by dual shared parlours that provide bourbon obsessives, creatives, and a place that musicians can call home.

Great location

It’s only a short drive from Downtown Nashville and the hip East Nashville vibe is all around. The aesthetic is influenced by the likes of Buckminster Fuller and Black Mountain College, hippie commune Drop City, and a plethora of Americana. The bar and restaurant concept continues to receive a lot of business and buzz thanks to its tasty menu, friendly atmosphere, and funky vibe. The Public House is situated behind the bed and breakfast: a Queen Anne Victorian mansion that takes your breath away. The Southwestern Deco aesthetic is everywhere: from the woodwork and the wallpaper to the Watuski bull skulls.


The Public House can cater for around 160 visitors. Indoors is slightly more on the formal side, able to seat approximately 24 guests, including eight at the bar. When the sun is out, the garage door leads out to the patio. There’s a mix-and-mingle vibe outdoors, with a fire pit, string lights, various seating, and a 16-foot fireplace. An Argentine grill is also ready for grilling meats and vegetables, and dogs are welcome.

The majority of Urban Cowboy’s materials are either restored or vintage. The decor is undoubtedly charming, from the miniature mirror in the ladies room to the antique cigarette machine. The menu changes daily, giving full creative control to the seasoned chefs.