Welcoming Spring – The Antrim 1844 Inn, Maryland

pringtime is a time for new beginnings when the frosts of winter have melted, and the buds of modern life – shrubs, trees, and flowers are starting to bloom. It can be the perfect time to schedule a refreshing get away from the early activities and stress of the new year.

Welcoming Spring – The Antrim 1844 Inn, Maryland

Just a one hour drive from Baltimore, the Antrim 1844 inn is stunningly located at the foot of the Catoctin Mountains in Maryland. The 24-acre estate houses the excellently preserved stone house from the 18th century along with several lush gardens and rooms filled with delicious cuisine. This countryside paradise is the perfect setting to welcome the season of spring.

Background and History

The Antrim estate was initially settled in 1803 by an Irish immigrant, Joseph McKaleb, who passed it down to his family. The land was a witness to the American Revolutionary War as well as to the developments and transformation of Taneytown. The present mansion in the property was constructed in 1844 by Major Andrew Ege, husband of Margaret Anne McKaleb. After being vacant for several decades, the property has been bought and renovated by present owners, Dorothy and Richard Mollett in 1992. The couple continued to reconstruct the buildings in the plantation and construct additional ones in the surrounding properties such as the Birnie, Anan, and Witherow Houses.

Architecture and Gardens

The Antrim 1844 Inn is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The original architectural style and aesthetics of the era are still preserved in its glorious red-brick façade and in the series of white Ionian columns that supports the entrance and the balconies around the house. Even if some of the rooms have been decorated with a modern flair, others have preserved the furniture and decorations of the period. Surrounding the mansion is several acres of plantation and gardens. The gardens would be a perfect place to welcome spring in its lines of peonies and roses. Guests can also sit and admire sculpted marble fountains found in the gardens and listen to the relaxing flow of its waters.

Excellent Fine Dining

Aside from the history and the architecture, another award-winning feature of the Antrim 1844 Inn is its dedication and passion for exceptional dining. Stay-in guests can start their mornings with a freshly-brewed cup of coffee and a scrumptious breakfast buffet. However, city dwellers and guests are also welcome and known for visiting the inn just for enjoying an afternoon or night of fine dining. The inn’s esteemed chef, Michael Gettier, has designed six-course masterpieces that guests can experience for $68.50 per person. Main dishes can be selected from a choice of steaks, fish, and poultry. For dessert, guests are free to pick from a tray laden with the evening’s treats. For drinks and nightcaps for after dinner meal, the Pickwick Pub is open and available.

Events and Activities

After having a good night’s sleep, exploring the gardens, or admiring the historical significance of the house, visitors can also play in the croquet courts or take a dip in the swimming pool. The Antrim 1844 is a popular location for garden and indoor weddings as well. They have an online gallery of the many weddings that have taken place in the inn. There are also available spaces for corporate events and meetings. Especially for welcoming the season of spring, they have Spring Escape package available until June 2019. It includes overnight accommodations, afternoon tea in the gardens, breakfast buffets, and six-course dinners in the evenings.